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    I could obviously just Google it but where is the fun in that?

    From my own understanding it is a very high paced martial art form that is serves as a means of self defense.

    I remember hearing about my sister wanting to take these kinds of classes when she was younger and if this is what it is for, I think it would have been worth it for her.

    I remember when I was younger, I seen people talking about Taekwondo on TV, in movies, and just in general online. It was something that a lot of people were essentially intimidated by. I never really understood what it was until recently. I have a lot of respect for the men and women who do this now.


    After reading through this I feel like number 6 is the most important. With what I have learned thus far, BJJ takes commitment and being constant with yourself. If you train on and off, you are more than likely never to advance and I think this is why so many people give up on BJJ.


    I wanted to share this because my friend was saying that a lot of people have issues with this area of BJJ and I am likely to run into my own once I start. I found the tips to make a lot of sense, specially when you consider the competitive side of BJJ.

    Since I am an utter noob (get it *poke poke* :P) and I don't want to bother my friend with even more questions...

    What are some items I should invest in before starting out with BJJ classes/training? In terms of gear of course.


    Yup. That sums up what is happening for me right now. Not that the system can be found in stock anywhere...


    Is dabbing what this is called? I don't even know. I just know it annoys me to know end.

    I usually say we are screwed because the kids are our future but this kid... I like. He gets it.


    I thought I would ask so people can get to know each other a little better.

    I am currently single but dating. The gal I am dating, we are still getting to know each other. We have been out 3 times and are still establishing a friendship before anything develops from it. I was raised old fashion. I like to get to know the gal before I commit.

    How often do you play on steam boss man? I might share my tag here. I am very private thought and don't tend to welcome people I don't know to be friends with me. Honestly, I am just a paranoid weirdo lol

    Been enjoying this game lately. It is easy to pick up and play and just have a decent time. I do tend to be too competitive with it at times... LOL

    I play on PC. Not sure how it is on PS or Xbox but on PC is it nice. Great graphics, solid servers, and decent player base.

    Anyone else play?

    I used to watch Raw and SmackDown all the time but I have lost a lot of interest in the crap programming they do these days so I only just follow recaps and watch big PPV's. Since I don't watch it weekly, I make up for it with watching hilarious recaps by WhatCulture. If you like WWE you may enjoy these :

    It is basically a giant Meme of a show.

    I don't mean to come off as a sexist but do women have a place in BJJ? I honestly don't see many women doing it, if any at all. Maybe I am missing something. Do they have separate training areas and competitions? Is there even mixed sex BJJ in the world anywhere?

    I read that some guys will increase carbs and protein prior to tournament just to up they muscles healing rate and bounce back time. The others have said they will focus more on clean energy by eating more fruits and vegetables. I am not sure which would even be better. Do yo change your diet when prepping for a tournament? - if so, what do you do differently?



    I thought this was an interesting read. I never considered doing private lessons but I am now. It sounds like being new to it and starting this way gives you more benefits down the road. Have you ever done a private lesson or class?

    I handled my first loss pretty bad. I was just coming off getting gold at the previous tournament. My first match was against an older guy who I thought I could take care of pretty easily. Long story short I had side control and sit back for an ankle lock, which he was able to capitalize on, ended up losing in points. I was upset because that wasn't my best.

    The next tournament, I lost as well, but I took it a lot better because I knew I tried.

    That is something I noticed a lot when reading and watching thing on BJJ. A lot of the older guys don't intimidate the younger ones so they end up with an advantage over them. They think cause they are old they will be easier but more often than not, their experience tells another story.

    Yeah Gordon Ryan is a beast, crazy he is so young. Wasn't surprised at all to see him retain the title.

    I might start watching it with him, just to get an idea of how it works on the competitive level. How often do they do they championship matches?